We Are Not Your Ordinary Nursing Home: Heidi’s Haven Residential Assisted Living Facilities in Lake County, Florida


Heidi's Haven Nursing Home 1At Heidi’s Haven ALF, we include all services in our daily or monthly fee. Daily rates depend upon each resident’s needs. Our homes do not require entrance or admission fees. We commit ourselves to maintaining healthy family lifestyles and comfortable atmospheres for our residents regardless of their physical or mental disabilities. We’re not just a nursing home, we’re a senior living lifestyle.

Easy Transition

The thought of moving from one’s own home to a nursing home can be stressful, for the resident and their loved ones. We want the transition from your home to Heidi’s Haven to be an encouraging and pleasant experience. Each morning starts with fresh fruit and a home cooked breakfast. The meals throughout the day are also home cooked. We provide generous snacks and plenty of drinks during the day.

HealthHeidi's Haven Nursing Home 3

Our local doctor offers residents and their families a high level of experience not typically found in nursing homes. The doctor focuses on the clinical needs of each individual resident and comes to all of our assisted living homes each month. At Heidi’s Haven we can also work with your current primary care physician to ensure seamless care.



Heidi's Haven Nursing Home 2When you visit Heidi’s Haven you will be impressed by our caring professional staff that is always focused on the health and wellness of our residents. You will see them together with residents preparing meals, taking walks, listening and creating friendships based on genuine love and concern.

Our 24-hour staff provides our residents with a continuity of care throughout the day with no shift changes. Each home is staffed with two caregivers in the daytime. We have no more than six residents in each home. We are able to give personal attention to our residents, know their favorite meals and snacks and serve them when and where they choose. Most nursing homes have one CNA that has to care for upwards of 10-15 residents–and sometimes even more! Heidi’s Haven Residential Assisted Living Homes are unique. We take pride in the fact that our resident care ratio is a mere 3 to 1–meaning that one CNA is taking care of just 3 residents.

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